Fitness Marketing Virtuoso Reveals How To Open And Operate A Multiple Six Figure Generating Personal Training Studio

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That is one of the reasons why Bedros Keuilian, the fitness marketing expert behind the popular blog, wanted to launch Fitness Studio Formula. Keuilian says that he created Fitness Studio Formula to help fitness trainers and entrepreneurs who are wanting to branch out and open a fitness center or start a personal training business but are not sure of how or where to begin. I was personal trainer first and foremost, but when it came to business smarts, I admit, I was a rank amateur. And worse, there was no one in the fitness industry who was teaching the art and science of how to build a profitable and sustainable personal training studio, says Keuilian, when thinking back on his years as a personal trainer. My point is to impress upon personal trainers out there that Ive spent years in the trenches, and Ive successfully created and sold personal training studios and I can help every personal trainer out there do the same. Fitness Studio Formula teaches personal trainers the steps it takes to open a studio, dominate their specific market, and earn six or even seven figures with their fitness business. The comprehensive new fitness business blueprint includes a collection of business, marketing, and legal courses that teach personal trainers everything they need to know to set up and start profiting off their new business.

Fitness Marketing Master, Bedros Keuilian, Introduces the Art of Selling Fitness Course

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“I’ve taken individual fitness trainers from working long, hard hours to earning multiple six figures (and some even seven figures)”, says Bedros Keuilian , founder of and the man behind many of the most successful trainers in the US. “Now, I’m going to give fitness professionals the detailed, step-by-step blueprints for easily attracting new clients, selling personal training and multiplying any personal trainer’s profits.” Keuilian knows how stressful it is when most fitness professionals are just starting out. That’s how The Art of Selling Fitness, available now at, came about. He has spent the better part of fifteen years studying, mastering, and applying the money making secrets of the greatest business and marketing minds out there. By taking the time to test and develop which marketing strategies work, Keuilian was able to put together a foolproof set of systems that will double or triple the earnings of any fitness professional in less than 30 days. “Often times the best systems for attracting clients are actually free or low cost. However, most new entrepreneurs still use traditional high-cost/low-return marketing methods like newspaper and print publication and even direct mail.” Keuilian adds, “While these tactics work, there are plenty of low and no cost personal training business marketing solutions available.” The Art of Selling Fitness focuses on set of pre-planned marketing strategies that help personal trainers generate more leads for their business without spending here. much start-up money. The goal of this personal trainer business course is to teach fitness professionals how to be more business minded.


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