Bedros Keuilian, Fitness Business Expert And Founder Of, Reveals Best Business Practices To Help Personal Trainers Reach Financial Freedom

Fitness Marketing Insider, Bedros Keuilian, Creates Automated Personal Trainer Email Marketing System For Fitness Professional to Get More Clients

Keuilian says,Often times the best systems for attracting clients are actually free or low cost. However, most new entrepreneurs still use traditional high-cost/low-return marketing methods like newspaper and print publication and even direct mail. He adds, While these tactics work, theyre expensive for the new fitness business owner whos just starting out. I wanted to show that there are plenty of low and no cost personal training business marketing solutions available. The Art of Selling Fitness – Personal Trainer Business Course showcases twenty-three unique and done-for-you marketing techniques. Specifically, the program features over 20 different ready-to-use postcards, emails, press releases, and scripts for personal trainers to use and attract new clients. For more information on Keuilians The Art of Selling Fitness – Personal Trainer Business Course, please visit . About Keuilian Inc. Bedros Keuilian, known as the hidden genius behind many of the most successful brands and businesses throughout the fitness industry, is a renowned fitness entrepreneur and longtime fitness marketing expert who specializes in teaching personal trainers how to start a fitness business. In addition to being the founder and CEO of FitPro Newsletter and FitPro Magazine, two software technologies used by thousands of fitness professionals worldwide to attract more clients, build their business, and boost their profits, he is also the founder of the popular fitness marketing blog and president of the world’s fast growing indoor fitness boot camp franchise, Fit Body Boot Camp.

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E-mail Address Send to a Friend Chino Hills, CA (PRWEB) January 17, 2014 CEO and President of the fast growing indoor fitness boot camp franchise, Fit Body Boot Camp, and creator of the popular fitness marketing blog, , Bedros Keuilian, has created a way for fitness professionals to get more clients through an automated personal trainer email marketing system called FitPro Newsletter. This email marketing system was created as a way for personal trainers to keep in constant contact with their client base through the release of a customizable weekly newsletter and an email broadcast system. Each issue of FitPro Newsletter contains fresh new content like articles on health and fitness, healthy recipes, and motivational fitness tips that help to position the personal trainer as an expert in those subjects. Keuilian says that the secret to successful personal trainer email marketing is to deliver helpful and fun to read content so that potential clients can start to know, like, and trust a fitness professional and their services. He also notes that by delivering useful information that prospects will actually read, personal trainers are more likely to be viewed as an expert, which establishes credibility and helps them sign on more fitness clients.

Bedros Keuilian Offers 5 Tips to Avoid Common Mistakes of Fitness Entrepreneurs

Stay focused on your business goals and do not become distracted by side projects. Staying completely committed to starting a personal training business can yield high results in the long run. 4. Market to a specific niche. This is crucial because when a fitness professional markets to everyone from age 8 to 80, they have to water down their personal training marketing rendering it less effective. 5. Create and use good business systems.


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