Fitness Formula Clubs Announces 2014 “year Of Wellness” Winner

We are honored to celebrate personal trainer marketing Dawn La Fleur as our 2014 Year of Wellness contest winner and support her as she continues her new, healthy lifestyle throughout 2014.” Like most working mothers, La Fleur often prioritized the needs of her family above her own, leading to unhealthy weight gain. In her Year of Wellness contest entry submission, Charlotte described her mother as a selfless person who nurtures a multigenerational family, serves as a volunteer for multiple community programs and works part time — all with a shining smile on her face but little time to take care of herself. “The last couple years before my mom began her weight loss program were tough because there were many things she wanted to do but was physically unable to,” Charlotte La Fleur said. “Her knees were always hurting, and she was in a lot of pain.” After years of failed attempts at losing the unwanted weight, Dawn La Fleur committed herself to a low-calorie diet prescribed by her physician and lost 50 lbs within three months. Her loved ones first took notice of this milestone achievement during a family winter camp last February when Le Fleur played floor hockey effortlessly, running up and down the court with ease.

Premier Fitness Marketing Offers New Online Resource for Fitness Centers and Health Clubs

The company believes that discounted membership selling is the wrong approach to take. They specialize in selling EFT-based memberships that provide health clubs with the stability necessary to succeed in the long term. Premier Fitness Marketing also understands that in fitness center marketing, competition is a fact of site life. They have developed health club marketing campaigns designed to help fitness centers counter their competition’s pre-sales and retain paying members. The company has had particular success in developing campaigns for fitness centers and gyms in Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee and Georgia.


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