Why Health Club Operators Should Care About Social Media Marketing

26 Creative Marketing Ideas for Health Clubs

You may already know that social media is an essential component to getting your club noticed. It is similar to the rush in the 1990s to creating a website. Unfortunately, many health clubs have stumbled and failed to see social media for what it truly is. They see it as a tool that may or may not allow them to achieve the goals of their marketing plan. But social media is not a magic potion. The key to success in social media is buried right in the term itself: Be social. We have long understood the importance of getting people to interact in our fitness facilities.

Macon Health Club hopes marketing, new programs can spur turnaround

(This is good for grooms, too.) Retail Boosters 6. Give members an incentive to visit your juice bar by placing a decal on your shakes or smoothies with a decal that has a challenging fitness question. If members answer see fitness center marketing correctly, (visit site) enter them in a drawing to win a monthly prize. Place these decals on the tags of other merchandise to reward members for repeat purchases, too. 7. Give branded club money for referrals. Youll keep the money in-house, and, chances are, the recipient will spend a greater dollar amount when redeeming the gift money.

I think its going to be a good move for both of us, said Angie Gibbons, Gateway Fitness owner and certified personal trainer. I think were both hoping we can give each other clients. Gibbons will bring along two other certified personal trainers and a licensed massage therapist. They will offer individualized special training and small group training. Some are there to lose weight. Some are there to stay healthy, said Gibbons. Our clients range from 17 to close to 80.


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