26 Creative Marketing Ideas For Health Clubs

Provide an expert speaker on health, nutrition, wellness, fitness or weight loss for free at your facility. 19. Consider putting money into a fitness club marketing billboard on wheels. This can be done locally by hiring companies, or this can be your company car/truck that is wrapped with your logo and photos. 20. Create gift cards with club money. These can be used for referrals http://youtube.com/user/MarketingFitness101 or for new members as an incentive to join 21.

Body & Soul Health Club, Spa bags Marketing Award

The website’s blog (www.fitnesssales.net/fitness-marketing-blog) and other resources share some of the easy-to-implement best practices developed by Premier Fitness Marketing over more than 17 years of health club marketing. These tips and ideas can instantly boost a fitness center’s bottom line — even before the effects of a promotional campaign kick in. “Premier Fitness can help gym owners add 200-400 new monthly paying members without any cost or risk to the club,” says the company’s Matt York. “And all these memberships are from people who normally never think about setting foot in a health club.” In addition, the website details Premier Fitness Marketing’s approach to generating additional health club revenue. The company believes that discounted membership selling is the wrong approach to take. They specialize in selling EFT-based memberships that provide health clubs with the stability necessary to succeed in the long term. Premier Fitness Marketing also understands that in fitness center marketing, competition is a fact of life.

Premier Fitness Marketing Offers New Online Resource for Fitness Centers and Health Clubs

Active programs include team sport competitions, leagues, swim lessons, squash and tennis lessons, Junior Active Kids Club (JACK) a special Kids Club, clubs own Achieve fitness program, yoga, karate and aerobics classes. The club also conducts regular social and educational programs for children and adults. Booking of meeting rooms, separate VIP rooms, 250 seats amphitheater, lunch buffets, special arrangements for corporates, executive lunch meetings are meticulously organized by the management. Personalized menus and services are provided to make special occasions like birthday celebrations, poolside mock tails/dinner getaway with friends a memorable one. Farhad C, Director-Hospitality Division, Thumbay Group said, We at Body & Soul Health Club & Spas believe in offering personalized service and programs to all our clientele.


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