Fitness Marketing Expert Offers Tips For Starting A Personal Training Business

All Fitness Businesses Should Use These 5 Revenue Streams, Says Boot Camp Marketing Expert

“Don’t spend so much time and money on creating the perfect workout space. Make it look nice, but don’t go to the extreme when designing your space and overspend,” says Keuilian. “You also internet don’t need to worry about street visibility to get clients because marketing will do that for you, so don’t focus so much on the location.” Starting a Personal Training Business, out now on the Bedros Keuilian Youtube Channel, offers solutions to the most pressing issues that fitness professionals face when starting a new business. Hoping to set more personal trainers up for success, Keuilian’s new video is a useful tool for those who are considering making the switch from a personal trainer to a fitness business owner and even gives examples of how to get clients into their new fitness facility. To read more of Keuilian’s expert advice on starting a personal training business , please visit his fitness marketing blog – .

Sam Bakhtiar, CEO of the Fitness Concepts boot camps in Chino Hills and boot camp marketing expert, says it wasn’t until he discovered passive income streams that he was able to break the six-figure barrier doing what he loved. When I first got started, I was flying by the seat of my pants, he says. After years of working 50-60 hour weeks, I realized life is too precious to spend it running in the rat wheel. Now I’ve educated myself and found that there are ways to earn more money ethically and honestly, without changing all that much. My training is all about showing fitness pros how they can make more money, work less, and enjoy the lifestyle they’ve imagined. Sam says there are 5 crucial types of revenue streams in the boot camp marketing world: 1.Different Boot Camp Levels Structuring a program into Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels is an easy adjustment to make. It’s not only a way fitness trainer marketing to make boot campers feel more comfortable but also an easy up-sell, as people logically follow through the different levels to achieve greater fitness skills.


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