Top 5 Fitness Business Marketing Secrets Made Public By Fit Body Boot Camp Founder

Successful Fitness Entrepreneur Exposes 3 Boot Camp Marketing Secrets to Get Clients Fast

They can range from an ebook to a meal plan to a video. 3. Make your prospects a low-barrier offer. This is similar to a lead magnet but instead of giving out an ebook, personal trainers can now offer a heavily discounted rate to help persuade someone to try them out, such as a $100 for two weeks. The reason you don’t want to offer any big or expensive training packages yet is because you want these prospects to like you and trust you first. This is how to do it. 4.

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After they see that youare willing to refer your clients to their business, theyall be a lot more willing to refer you to theirs. The more partnerships you start, the more leads youall get in return. 3. Offer free Saturday boot camps. This is a fun marketing project that gets the attention of the community and brings in loads of new qualified leads. Find an outdoor park or area that would suit a group personal training class, be sure you have permission to use it, and start your Saturday boot camp campaign. Announce that youall be doing this to your current clients, friends and family, local businesses that youave partnered up with – you can even contact your local radio and TV stations – to get the word out to the community.


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