Fit Body Boot Camp Expert Reveals 5 Fitness Business Marketing Secrets

Now that you have some people interested in your services, you can find who are suspects and who are prospects by offering a lead magnet. A lead magnet is typically something of value that you can give away for free in exchange for contact information to show someone that your product or service is worthwhile. They can range from an ebook to a meal plan to a video. 3. Make your prospects a low-barrier offer. This is similar to a lead magnet but instead of giving out an ebook, personal trainers can now offer a heavily discounted rate to help persuade someone to try them out, such as a $100 for two weeks.

Fitness Boot Camp Marketing Video Website Launched

If they are going to purchase these aids any way, then you might as well offer them and keep some of that profit. For more tips on how to grow a fitness business, check out Keuilianas fitness marketing blog . About Keuilian Inc. Keuilian Inc. was founded look at photography marketing by fitness business expert, Bedros Keuilian.

Top 5 Fitness Business Marketing Secrets Made Public By Fit Body Boot Camp Founder

Porter chose the Covert VideoPress Theme for this test with the thought that having a similar layout to Youtube could potentially keep someone on the website longer. Aside fitness club marketing from the layout a number of other factors are being tested on the boot camp marketing website. “I needed a great source of personal trainer and boot camp marketing content so I chose to curate the content of fitness boot camp marketing expert Bedros Keuilian . With his permission I’ll be posting his videos on the website and analyzing the traffic that I send to the site to measure page views and time spent on site. There are over 25 different data points that I will be tracking in this test over the next 6 months” explained Porter.


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