New Fitness Marketing 101 On How To Get More Training Clients Video Released From Personal Training And Business Expert, Bedros Keuilian

E-mail Address Send to a Friend Chino Hills, CA (PRWEB) February 22, 2014 Bedros Keuilian, personal training and business expert, announces the release of his new video entitled, a Fitness Marketing 101 On How to Get More Training Clients a in an effort to help personal trainers and fitness business owners grow their business through marketing fundamentals. Starting out as a personal trainer without a solid business or marketing background, Keuilian admits that it was a struggle to find clients on a consistent basis and that is what fueled his desire to learn more about how to attract customers. Keuilian explains, aMy businesses were slow going when I first opened them up. I was just a personal trainer at the time, but I knew there had to be a better way to attract more leads and get more prospects in through the doors so I went out and learned from the best of the best in fitness marketing industry. Marketing is crucial for any business to survive, and if youare going about it all wrong, itall suffer. I took what I learned and applied it to my personal training studios and watched them blow up like crazy. I was able to sell them and start up other ventures and now Iam a full time fitness business coach that helps personal trainers do this exact same thing.a In this new video, found on his Bedros Keuilian YouTube Channel, Keuilian breaks down just what personal trainers should be focused on first and foremost when trying to develop their marketing plan.

Fitness Marketing Insider, Bedros Keuilian, Creates Automated Personal Trainer Email Marketing System For Fitness Professional to Get More Clients

This email marketing system was created as a way for personal trainers to keep in constant contact with their client base through the release of a customizable weekly newsletter and an email broadcast system. Each issue of FitPro Newsletter contains fresh new content like articles on health and fitness, healthy recipes, and motivational fitness tips that help to position the personal trainer as an expert in those subjects. Keuilian says that the secret to successful personal trainer email marketing is to deliver helpful and fun to read content so that potential clients can start to know, like, and trust a fitness professional and their services. He also notes that by delivering useful information that prospects will actually read, personal trainers are more likely to be viewed as an expert, which establishes credibility and helps them sign on more fitness clients. The marketing mastermind explains, aIf youare a personal trainer who has already taken the time to build an email list of prospects, then you should take advantage of it and deliver awesome content, articles, recipes, and fitness tips to them each and every week. FitPro Newsletter helps you do that with just a few clicks. If youare not emailing your list on a consistent basis then youare really missing out on leads, prospects, referrals, and clients.a Fully automated, FitPro Newsletter features a library of promotional email broadcasts that are ready to send continue reading this.. at the useras convenience.


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