Scheduling Institute’s Dental Marketing Training

Health care is a need of everyone. Hence, medical related services are not really that difficult to market because it is a basic need. However, dentistry is quite a different thing. Many people today dont see it as a necessity; not unless their tooth begins to ache that it affects their ability to perform their daily living. Dentistry is a private practice and that in order for you to generate clients, you should not only be the one competent, but as well as your staff. Among your dental staff, the first one that gets in contact with the client is the front desk staff. So, if you want to generate more patients, you have to make sure that your front desk staff knows how to properly handle patients. A research conducted by Jay Geier showed that nearly 80% of front desk staff doesnt have adequate knowledge in handling patients. They dont even know the correct way of handling inquiry calls. This literally means that you are losing not only potential patients, but money too.

Growing your business with Scheduling Institute

The Scheduling Institute is a private company run by Jay Geier. It is headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia and its goal is to help dentists develop an effective market strategy that will eventually

Jay GeierJay Geier

help them live their life to the fullest while continuing generating continuous flow of income. Geier and his team help dentists in developing strategies that will enable professional and business growth. Currently, the Scheduling Institute is the largest dental training company in the world. It offers various programs and services that would benefit the people in the dental industry. Some of the services provided by Scheduling Institute include dental staff training, seminar, coaching events, as well as advising services.

The company was founded in 1997 with only a few services offered to its clients. Over the year, Jay Geier has diversified the companys services and is now currently offering multiple coaching programs and a total of 26 types of in-office training programs to clients anywhere in the world. The decades of experience in the field of dental service has made the Scheduling Institute the largest, highly reputable, and most experienced dental training company in the world.

Ongoing support

The Scheduling Institute offers continuous support to its members. The company has a group of people called Scheduling Institute Army, which are readily available to provide full time support. You will be given the assistance and support you need from the preparation and delivery of the practice transformation package, training the staff in the SIs training center, or even training your dental team right in the comfort of your office. There will also be regular workshops and events, which aim to further hone your staffs skills in handling patients. Currently, SI has certified training specialists, which travel to more than 200 dental offices on a monthly basis. By constantly monitoring the flow of work in the dental office, dentists can focus more on their practice while having the luxury of time doing the things they love and spending most of their time with their loved ones.