BrightStar Care Franchise – A Leader In The Home Care Market

Why BrightStar Care Franchise

Have you ever wanted to make a difference in a persons life? Are you someone who is caring and has a lot of respect for the elderly? Perhaps you are thinking about owning a franchise but arent sure what to choose? Well if you are a people person who cares about the well-being of our nations senior citizens, you should look into owning a BrightStar Care Franchise.

BrighStar Care Franchise

Ranked by Forbes magazine as the number one franchise investment opportunity in the $0-150,000 level it speaks volumes for the quality of service and training that Brightstar care provides. Without a good support network behind you the investment becomes extremely difficult to succeed in any franchise business.

Understand What Sets Them Apart

It is important that any potential franchise owner have an understanding of the business they are about to get involved in. Many people might be mistaken thinking that they need healthcare experience to own a BrightStar Care Franchise, but that is certainly not the case. What sets BrightStar apart from other businesses is their dedication and commitment to excellence when it comes to training their franchise operators. They want you to succeed and will not rest until you completely understand the business.

BrightStar Provides More Than Just Health Care

Owning a Brightstar Care franchise is especially important in todays healthcare market because hospitals and private care facilities just do not have the space to care for all of our nations senior citizens. A lot of seniors do not want to be a burden to their families, so they choose instead to remain in their home. What Brightstar Care provides is more than just home health care, they also give the senior companionship.

BrightStar Care Has Been A Leader In Fighting For Franchisees Rights

This article demonstrates where BrightStar Cares CEO Shelly Sun stands on a very recent ruling by the NLRB:

When it comes to the recent National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) joint-employer ruling, there is a clear line drawn in the sand. On one side, those that believe the franchisor should be held liable for routine business decisions of individual franchisees and on the other, those that believe that this type of ruling could abolish the independent business model all together.

The recent decision is not taking all of the factors into consideration if it was applied to the franchise business model and that is the way the NLRB is signaling that it may go, says Sun.

If the ruling takes effect, the owners of franchised locations fear that they will be considered nothing more than salespeople or sub-contractors rather than small business owners.

Original source for the above was BrightStar Care Founder Shelly Sun Lobbies Congress

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This again is more overreach by the Obama administration with the Democratic majority NLRB and hurts the very core of what built our nation small businesses. The Democrates are out-of-step with the current economic conditions.